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The School of the Vulture was an underground martial arts school whose philosophy was based on the way of the vulture, the 'death eater'. Its method of using dark arcane magic to complement its violent fighting style resulted in its being forbidden across the universe by most schools, being deemed a cult.

These accusations turned out to be true. It was within the Vulture School that the cosmic black magic death cult, Order Blackblood, came about. The order's intentions were to revive the Underking, feed off divine power, and take over space using dark mist. Consequently, the school dissipated.


While unknown how old it really is, its style has existed for thousands of years and originated in the southern galaxies. Its original incantation was of a normal popular fighting school, where dedicated students could learn to use different energies, in ways they never knew possible. Eventually, the school was associated with acts of violence, terrorism, assassins, demon worship, and other malicious things, as well as dark magic and even necromancy. The school then went underground and most of its members were cultists. Somewhere along the line, Ot'enmet--who went by 'the Underking'--served as its master sensei and kept the school unified under a common goal of 'following the shadows'.  

The school began to be divided into many 'orders', many of which were hostile to each other and warred in secrecy. In 1700 Before Age, the Black Sepulcher (the main Vulture School temple in the northern cosmos) collapsed into ruin and the school was officially dissipated. However one order did survive--Order Blackblood. 

Wrath of the Underking

The Underking, Ot'enmet, had his soul inscribed into a blood seal before death to be revived sometime in the future. Afterwards, his follower cultists worked two millennia, making him into an immensely powerful cyborg, half man half robot, controlled by a lexicon. Order Blackblood began working to revive him and put him to use in conquering space, as was his dying wish. In September of Age 1503, their plans came to fruition. Read more here!