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Story of Spurn Cover

The Story of Spurn is a fanon written by Le Crying Daryl. The story revolves around a majority of the history of both the old and new Planet Spurn, its inhabitants and nearly everything about it, revealing the rich culture of the Aen Vars and Aen Genus, the mystery of its very beginnings and more.

It takes place in the times from before Lookout 1 and before Lookout 2.

The fanon is divided into books, each consisting of one part of Spurn's history.

Books & Chapters

  • Book One - Lions of Spurn
    • Chapter One: Creation
    • Chapter Two: The Anguish of Avarex
    • Chapter Three: Brother
    • Chapter Four: Ultimatum Unveiled
    • Chapter Five: Too Far Gone
    • Chapter Six: God
    • Chapter Seven: Beside the Dying Fire
  • Book Two - Enter Alaster
    • Chapter One: Different
    • Chapter Two: Man, God, Azuth
    • Chapter Three: Royalty
    • Chapter Four: The Next World
    • Chapter Five: Deep Inside
    • Chapter Six: Infected
  • Book Three - Apocalypse War
    • Chapter One: What Happened and What's Going on
    • Chapter Two: Carnivore
    • Chapter Three: Loyalty
    • Chapter Four: A New Meaning
    • Chapter Five: Demons & Elves
    • Chapter Six: Not Tomorrow Yet
  • Book Four - From the Ashes
    • Chapter One: The Phoenix King
    • Chapter Two: Sunbreaker
    • Chapter Three: Rise Again
  • Book Five - Devolution Dhreat
    • Chapter One: The Suicide King
    • Chapter Two: To Disappear
    • Chapter Three: The Hero of Life
    • Chapter Four: Falling Apart
    • Chapter Five: Picking up the Pieces
  • Book Six: The Darkest Moments in Life
    • Chapter One: Blinded by The Shadows
    • Chapter Two: Lost in Sunlight
    • Chapter Three: Omen of Temptation
    • Chapter Four: Overtime
    • Chapter Five: Deepest Regrets
    • Chapter Six: Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • Book Seven - Last Page
    • Chapter One: Venomenon Frost
    • Chapter Two: White Falls
    • Chapter Three: Cross My Heart
    • TBD

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