Lookout is an role-playing universe taking extreme influence from other medias and universes to shape its own - all centered in the Dragon Ball universe.

This wiki has a long history, directed by essentially the same users: it originally began on 8 May 2012 as Lookout Wiki, later renamed to Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki in June 2012, renamed again to The Lookout in November 2016, and finally to New Era in August 2017. For its whole life, the wiki served as a Dragon Ball role-playing and fan-fiction site, reaching over 5,000 pages at its peak. What made it unique was its modest Dragon Ball beginnings, simple style of RP, and its gradual transformation into something entirely different, unique, refined, and truly massive. By its end, the universe had taken such a large turn, concurrent with its users' maturing age and style, that it was virtually unrecognizable. The DB universe it began in had adapted into a completely original entity.

Within its role-playing universe, the wiki began with three chapters: Lookout I (L1), which lasted from May 2012 to December 2015, was by far its biggest. Lookout II (L2), which lasted from January 2016 to August 2017, unfortunately paralleled the wiki's slow death. Currently, a third Lookout iteration called Lookout III (L3) is in currently ongoing, primarily as a reunion.

As the wiki was very cluttered and disorganized from the lack of page standards for years, the wiki underwent massive renovations and 'cleanups' in its later days, resulting in the deletion of thousands of pages and adoption of new wiki policies and page and RP standards. Many users fled the wiki over conflicting aspirations for the wiki and RP's future direction. One such wiki intended as a spiritual model created as a spiritual successor is Universe Zeta.

Essentially, this wiki is over. What it became was that of a flaw, as the wiki based in the DB universe had become something so totally different, it contradicted itself and was confusing to any new users. Therefore, users have branched out into new wikis. But this one had its day. It sure did.

Zion3xX (founder, bcrat, admin) - TheGreatKuzon! (bcrat, admin)