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Plot Overview

"Oh Goku I see you've been slacking"
— Shide

The Legend's Of The Dark Super Saiyan

One day, all the of Z Fighter's went on Vacation to the beach. Everybody was having fun, and dug up in the sand. When Vegeta arrives, he tell's Goku to talk to him in the sky. They both flew up and started talking. Kakarot, I just found out something about our race. Vegeta said. What wrong? Goku asked. There's a legend called The Dark Super Saiyan. Vegeta said. What's a Dark Super Saiyan? Goku asked. It's a evil hearted Saiyan that has already transformed into a Super Saiyan 4. When the Saiyan get's a hold of it's self, it see's that path and when it takes that path it will be a Dark Saiyan. The Saiyan's fur will become grey it's hair will be red and black and it's eyes will be bright red. Vegeta said. Well that doesn't sound good. Goku said. Of course not you Idiot!! Vegeta said. Whoa calm down even if this thing happen's all we have to do is fuse and beat the guy right..? Goku asked. Your such an idiot Kakarot. Vegeta said. Vegeta rushed out of the beach.

Day's later, King Kai told Goku that a strong fighter is looking for him and that he's on Planet Hichi. Goku told Bulma to get a big Ship running so the Z Fighter's can meet this fighter. Hour's later the Z Fighter's take off. So Goku, how strong do you think this fighter is? Dimino asked. I don't know. I think i can feel his energy. Goku replied. Well who cares nobody can beat my dad. Goten said. Vegeta look's at Goten in a angry face. I-i mean nobody can beat my dad and Vegeta. Goten said. Wow this just like when we went to go fight Broly. Gohan said. They finally arrived at the planet and started the search. Goku do you feel that? Clay asked. Yeah. This power is amazing. Goku said. Goku, Clay are you listening? King Kai said. Yeah were right here. Goku and Clay said. There's a Saiyan named Shide. He's pure evil hearted and he has his tail on. If he look's at that moon he will become The Golden Great Ape and if he control's himself he'll become a Dark Super Saiyan. King Kai said. Vegeta that's what you said at the beach. Goku said. The Z Fighter's hear's somebody screaming. Clay rushes over to the screaming. When Clay got there he see's destroyed building's.

"Oh, hello Clay". Shide said. "Who are you? Did you do this?!" Clay asked. "Got a problem with it?" Shide asked. Clay charges at Shide and attack's him in his face. "Wow that tickled." Shide said. Clay turned Super Saiyan 2. Shide turned Super Saiyan 3 in a instant. W-what you can turn Super Saiyan 3?! Clay asked. Shide grabbed Clay's fist off of his face. Shide throw's Clay across the city. Clay!! Goku yelled. Goku went after Shide. While Goku was running at Shide he charged his Kamehameha. Goku released his attack but Shide dogged it like it was nothing. Goku powered up into a Super Saiyan and attack Shide. When Shide fought Goku at Super Saiyan 3, Goku had the upper hand. Shide released his ultimate attack. Goku turned Super Saiyan 4 in an instant. Shide had stop and told Goku that he can transform as well. Shide also turned into a Super Saiyan 4 as well. Shide punched Goku in the face. Goku kicked Shide in the stomach. They were both struggling with their hand's. Goku jump's back and charges at him again. Shide jumped of top of Goku and kicked him in the back. Shide then grabbed Goku's head, and kicked him in the face. Mean While, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Dimino jumped into the fight. Gohan grabbed Shide by the shirt and slammed him against a mountain. But Shide recovers and blast Gohan with a Blutz Wave. Goten and Dimino charges at Shide. Vegeta does the same. Goku tells them to stop and stay out of the fight. Vegeta question him and Goku replies that Shide is hiding his true power. Shide raises both of his hands and closes his eyes. Suddenly a blue, small ball forms above his hands. Goku turns desprate. It appears to be the Spirit Bomb!

Spirit Bomb Attacks!!

Goku powers down to his original form. Vegeta blast Shide with his new deadly attack, Hell Erupt!. But no affect against him. The Spirit Bomb gets twice as big. Goku notice something about the spirit bomb, King Kai said that the Spirit Bomb will only turn on the evil souls.

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