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The main Lookout RP characters.

Hello, we welcome you to Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki, a Dragon Ball Z database where you can write Dragon Ball Z Fan-Fictions, Role-Play and have fun! It's also the home of the famous Lookout Crew warriors!

This wiki is for making Dragon Ball Z/GT Fan-Fictions and Role-Play in its style. We are glad to see you make pages and help support the wiki, and encourage you too.

Please do not ask to be a Administrator, Bureaucrat, Rollback, or Chat Mod. We will give you rights if you gain our trust and respect.

Please read the Rules of the Wiki along with our policies before editing, thank you for joining Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki!

SLOGAN: Twisting Dragon Ball and RP into a new reality!

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Today is July 28, 2014.

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This is the Lookout Office. Made of the Administrators, Bureaucrats, Rollbacks and Chat Moderators that make this Wiki a healthy, fun place (you can too!).

Administrator/Bureaucrat Active
Imperial Wyrm
Administrator Active
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Administrator Active
The Supreme Super Saiyan Nikad I
Chat Moderator Active
For a full list of non-mod rollbacks, click here. | For our list of technical administrators, click here.

DragonBall5 The Supreme News DragonBall5

July 2014

  • July 5 2014: Leogian4511 has been demoted from chat moderator. - XxGodZerxesxX has re-promoted himself.
  • July 10 2014: Keffy Palazzo has been demoted from chat moderator. - XxGodZerxesxX demoted himself again.
  • July 17 2014: NeoCatastrophe (TOAA) and Freezing-Soul (Goten) have been promoted to administrator. - the 2014 Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki Awards have been announced for August.
  • July 18 2014: TheGreatKuzon! is the first user to reach 16,000 edits!
  • July 22 2014: The Wiki has enabled WikiaMaps. Check it out!
  • July 25 2014: Imperial Wyrm & NeoCatastophe were demoted from Administrator.

This is the Wiki news. For the previous months' news archive, visit Supreme News Archive.

DragonBall5 Character of the Week DragonBall5

This is where the chosen admin (Imperial Wyrm) adds the character of the week

Our Character of the Week will be Kuzexandra! Good Job!


Kuzexandra Suka Kuz-Geraldson (born 7 March 1062) is the first child and daughter of Kuzon Jr. and Suka, granddaughter of renowned Kuzon & Helena. She is the twin sister of Kuzana, and older sister of Kuzon IV. Her husband is scientist Cornelius Geraldson and her kids are Nicolai & Quincy Geraldson. She is an RP character of TheGreatKuzon!. She is 24, part of The Kuz Clan.

Read more!

DragonBall5 Fanon of the Week DragonBall5

This is where the chosen admin (Imperial Wyrm) adds the fanon of the week

Our Fanon of the Week is Life of Saltz! Good Job!

Life of Saltz is an RP written by our wiki's founder, Zion, about the life of a Brench-seijin soldier in the Planet Trade Organization, named Saltz. It has some good action in it and ties in with canon, though it is fanon. Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria make appearances in it. So far, the fanon has had five chapters and will continue to be updated.

Read it here!

DragonBall5 Page of the Week DragonBall5

This is where an admin adds the Page of the Week!

DragonBall5 User of the Week DragonBall5

<center>The User of the Week is TOAA!

NeoCatastrophe is usually just called "TOAA" or "Tenchi". He is one of the oldest users of the wiki (he has an older account) and has been admin here several times. His pages are very well done. Some of his characters include TOAA (who is his first character,hence his nickname), Bakushin Genkaiger, and Tax. He has also made the very cool transformations, Asura Great Ape and Berserk Human.

DragonBall5 Role-Player of the Week DragonBall5

This is where an admin puts who the Role-Player of the Week of the week is!

DragonBall5 WikiChat DragonBall5

You can use the Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki Chatango Chat Room (Has more gadgets and stuff), or the Wiki Chats to talk to your Fellow Users and Friends! Here is a Link to the Chatango Room:


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  • All main official Wiki pages have a green/blue/orange heading on top and a Sysop approved Dragon Ball in the corner.

DragonBall5Picture of the Week DragonBall5

This is where an assigned Administrator (TheGreatKuzon!) puts the Picture he/she likes. This is the Picture of the Week! Enjoy!


DragonBall5Video of the Week DragonBall5

This is where an assigned Administrator (TheGreatKuzon!) puts the Video about Dragon Ball that he/she chose. This is the Video of the Week! Enjoy!

Dragon Ball Z Coming to the Big Screen00:42

Dragon Ball Z Coming to the Big Screen

DBZ: Battle of Gods in creatures August 5/6/7/9 2014

DragonBall5Weekly Polls DragonBall5

This is the weekly poll. This is where the assigned admin (TheGreatKuzon!) puts a poll for us to vote on. Be sure to vote! 

Who is your favorite minor villain?

The poll was created at 16:36 on June 17, 2014, and so far 14 people voted.

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