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Super Saiyan 8 (Supa Saiyajin eit) is the 8th form of Super Saiyan after Super Saiyan 7, it is succeeded by Super Saiyan 9. The form is very
Ultra KuzonAdded by Ultra Kuzon
 powerful and increases the user's power level by 1500x. The form itself is similar to Super Saiyan 5, it is pretty heavy but still deadly and sharp like Super Saiyan. Unlike the Super Saiyan Forms after Super Saiyan 4, it does not require a Great Ape Transformation to be achieved, just a powerful Super Saiyan 7. It's successor is Super Saiyan 9.

Goku achieves the form in Super Dragon Ball Ultimate's Super God Saga.


The Form is first reached by Goku in Other World almost right after he achieves Super Saiyan 7. He realizes though the form is like the Ascended Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 5 Form's, it takes energy and weighs you down, but not as much as Ultra Super Saiyan. Vegeta realizes the same when he achieves it. It takes lots of Power from the user as well. It does not though, need a Great Ape form to be reached.


The Form, like most past ones, is covered in Fur, this time Emerald Green, same as the tail and around the eyes. The Hair retains a Green tint but is still black, and the Muscles increase too. The Users Pants, Wristbands, Shoes and Waistband he was wearing before he transformed is intact too.

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