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This Article, Super Saiyan 7, is a Fan-Fiction Article.

- This is the article about the original form. For the Dragon Ball Dreams article, click here.

Super Saiyan 7 (Supa Saiyajin Sevu) is the 7th Super Saiyan form, after Super Saiyan 6 and is succeeded by Super Saiyan 8. It is first achieved by
Goku in his Super Saiyan 7 form.
ElcidmanAdded by Elcidman
Goku in Other World. The form is 1200x as powerful as the user's base power. It requires the Great Orange Ape transformation while in Super Saiyan 4, to be reached. Vegeta never reaches this form.

Goku achieves the form in Super Dragon Ball Ultimate's Coozis Saga.


Super Saiyan 7 is First Reached by Goku in the Other World 40 years after Dragon Ball AF. It is a very powerful form, as it is the user's base power level 1,200 times. The user must be a Super Saiyan 6 and very powerful with lots of Training in it, then must look at the Full Moon and you will become a Great Orange Ape. After this, you must gain control of it and you will ascend to Super Saiyan 7.

Like Super Saiyan 5, it is very hard to control. The user must have lots of practice and transform into it a lot to start getting used to it (Goku is a prodigy at this, since he had gone through it as a Super Saiyan 5 and 6.).

Appearance and Power

As a Super Saiyan 7, there are notable differences from the previous forms. The user's fur turns a Dark Orange, so does the tail. The hair from Super Saiyan 6 turns Light or Dark Orange with black shades in it. The fur surrounding the eyes also turn dark orange. The pants, wrist, shoes, and waistband the user was wearing also keep on the user.

The power of the user is very high. With a simple Eye Beam, he could destroy the Planet. it is also hard to control (Read "Overview" for more).

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