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The Suntzal Saga is an arc by Jadenyuki93. Suntzal is the main villain and Circe is a supporting villain.


Masa and Zang were training one day when they sensed a huge power level on the lookout. They went to see what it was and it was Kato Senshi, a new lookout crew member from the planet Metalan. Kuro, Masa, and Zang introduced themselves and they introduced Kato to the lookout. Then they all went swimming in the lookout pool until there was a large explosion and a mysterious woman named Circe attacked the lookout. Circe told them who she was, the spirit that had controlled the Mothership. Masa, Zang, Kuro, Bikoru, Merohan, Kuzon Jr., and Xethra all fought Circe. After fighting for a while, they decided to go fight in a desert instead. Fighting in the desert, they fired their strongest attacks and sent Circe into outer space.

Suntzal found Circe's unconscious body in space and woke her up, he then was angry with her for failing the mission of destroying Earth and bringing the lookout crew to him. He decided he didn't need her help anymore and so he drained the youth from her body and killed her. Suntzal was rejuvenated while Circe became an old woman and died. Suntzal then attacked Earth and fought the lookout crew. Masa, Zang, Zante, Kato, Hikari Minato, Nikad, and Xethra, all attacked Suntzal. After a long and intense fight, Suntzal was destroyed by Hikari's Light Harbor Attack but he then regenerated. When he regenerated, he was back in his old age and was much weaker. When Kato attacked Suntzal, he put his hand on Kato's face and drained his youth. This seemed impossible since Metians stopped aging past maturity. As an old man in his 70's, Kato could still fight and had actually become much stronger than he was before. After fighting the lookout crew for a long time, the Light Harbor attack had damaged his regeneration process and his youth began to wear off. Before it could wear off completely, Suntzal absorbed part of Hikari's youth but Hikari used a Super Explosive Wave to stop him. Only part of his youth had been drained and Hikari was only middle aged. With their combined efforts, Masa, Zang, Kato, Hikari, and killed Suntzal and destroyed his remains. After this, everyone returned to their normal ages. Hikari's Saiyan soldiers had been killed in the fight but he used DNA samples to resurrect them.