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SToS Book1

Lions of Spurn is the first book of The Story of Spurn fanon series. It is written by Le Crying Daryl.

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The book starts off with the very beginning of Old Planet Spurn's history, when the Aen Vars and Aen Genus were first conceived into reality. The Aen Vars were born as Grand Dragons, Aen Genus started as smaller, but superiorly powerful humanoid lions. The two races initially did not interact with each other for several decades, but Zeralt, a Grand Aen Var Dragon, proposed that they live together in order to truly thrive. A relationship between the races was born and taken care of, until a conflict happened, where the Aen Genus were somehow killed by Azuth. A few Aen Genus survived, under the curse of Azuth's wrath, turned into doves. Several thousand years later, these shadows of what were once great Aen Genus approach a boy named Avarex, and promise him eternal power... in exchange for Azuth's head.

Chapter One: Creation

Part I: Flowers & Trees

On a large, desolate planet where no life, no man, animal or plant loomed, two flowers grew out of the dry ground. The two flowers were a shining pure white, sparkling with the essence of energy.

A dark spirit with evil inner power came to the empty planet, and influenced one of the beautiful flowers with its impurity, corruption and power. The latter changed color, from its glowing white to a vibrant black.

Deep underground, where the roots lie, was energy surging from the roots all across the planet. The phenomenon resulted in hundreds more of flowers, both pure and impure, growing all over the once dull-looking planet, into a beautiful, lush environment. From these flowers, also came trees in varying sizes. When there were no flowers left, and only trees, the planet would stay the exact same. The trees would live off of each other, and after a few hundreds years later, the trees grew sky-high almost reaching the atmosphere full of life's materials that had developed over time along with the forest.

While some trees still remained the same, some began dying, shedding their leaves, their trunks turning soft. Hundreds of trees fell down, now only as timber lying on the ground. More and more time passed, and as it did, also came something quite unnatural. From the ground, rised creatures. Lion-like beings who could stand, walk and run. From the magical trees' essence decayed and left in the ground for more than a hundred years, developed an advanced form of life. The Trees of Life, and what were to be called, The Aen Genus.

Primitive Aen Genus

While the Aen Genus prospered and continued to evolve discovering their magic prowess, many trees still stood tall and eventually grew beyond the planet's atmosphere, the treetops overseeing space. From the magical trees, also came another race that would co-exist with the Aen Genus, The Aen Vars. The trees produced incredible beings that were completely different from the lions. They were Grand Dragons, the very first of their race.


The Aen Genus at first greatly feared the Aen Vars until it was realized by both that one was superior. Aen Genus formed stable communities, creating a culture not shared with the other side, while the Aen Vars struggled to comprehend each other, often breaking out into civil wars. One brave dragon stepped up to the stage to insist that the Aen Vars are a beautiful species albeit their struggles, his name was Zeralt. Zeralt united the whole Aen Var race, taking on the leader role. Second-in-command behind was Azuth, who accompanied Zeralt on the path to Aen Var triumph.

For a few decades, Aen Genus and Aen Vars lived their separate lives until Zeralt approached the Aen Genus leader Rondo promoting that the two races join together, that it would be the ultimate result of thriving. While Rondo dwells on the idea, his son Rajon convinces him to accepting the offer. From that point on the Aen Vars and Aen Genus shared culture, lifestyle and religion together for a few hundred years. At one point, space travelers would come upon the planet and ultimately be killed. The two races then took on the shape and forms of said travelers, in a false form of their own personal choice, still able to turn back to their true forms. After years of debate, leaders Zeralt and Rondo named their home...

Planet Spurn.

Part II: Conflict Approaching

"Hey... hey wake up", Rajon said to his father, to prepare for another day. Rondo awakes from his sleep, "Wait for me outside", he replies. Rondo takes times to perform meditation for a short while, but is interrupted. "Rondo!", his wife yells, to bring him to a meeting with Zeralt he is late for. He goes with Rajon, and sits down to speak with the Aen Var leader. "Magandang araw, Rondo!", he greets him in Aen Var language. Rondo replies, "I do not understand what the absolute shit you're saying". Zeralt chuckles, "Let me get to the point then. What would your thoughts be about my team going on a run to the outside for more condoms?", Rondo doesn't take the question seriously and replies, "You're not serious right?". "I don't want any children with my wife yet." Rondo is baffled. "And Azuth would manage without you?" and Zeralt nods his head in confidence, "Of course he can, because he's Azuth". Before standing up and walking off in, Rajon tells Zeralt, "I like the orange ones, do me a favor". Zeralt bursts out in laughter, screaming at him "You can't even please your own wife though!" while he exits. "That's cause I fuck yours", he murmurs, and leaves.

After Zeralt, Rondo travels to Spurn City's Memorial Park, a place of prayer and socialization between thousands of people, exchanging their views and perspectives and all sorts of other things. Deep within the park is Kawhi Kaiho's grave, Rondo's own brother. Honored with a massive shrine decorated with flowers, paintings and candles, Kawhi passed away from a severe disease, which origin had never been solved. Rondo visits his brother's shrine, and talks to an image of him, "Are you looking down on me today, brother?", and is then taken by surprise by Jeon, one of the few female Aen Var Dragons. "Talking to a dead guy again?", she asks Rondo. He turns around and replies, "I guess so. I thought you hated religion, what brings you to a place like this?". Jeon smiles, "Actually, I've been looking for you all day", while playing with her fingers, acting to be shy towards him. "What the fuck do you want?", Rondo rudely asks. As Jeon is about to speak up, both of them along with all others in the Memorial Park hear a loud sound, one of an energy blast. Rondo quickly rushes to the source of the sound, and finds Aen Genus warrior Ezreal holding a random Aen Var merchant at gunpoint, threatening to kill him. Rondo carefully approaches Ezreal, but is told to back off in a deafening yell. Ezreal starts spitting out words towards to all the people watching. "My people, why would you want to live with a lowly fire-breathing piece of shit like this?!". Having the merchant in a tight grip by the neck, he tightens his grip. "I've dealt with enough of this bullshit". Ezreal then overloads the Aen Var with his energy, causing him to explode into a firework of blood. The whole crowd is silenced, as Rondo gets splattered with blood, also shocked and speechless.

Ezreal, enraged and out of control, looks at the huge group of people who just witnessed probably the worst crime in their history as if he wanted to kill them all. A fuss in the middle of the crowd and chatter occurs, as someone emerges into Ezreal's sight. "It's gonna be pee pee pants city here real soon for you...", Azuth says.

A sense of panic hits Ezreal and he freezes in place, his hand painted in red and eyes locked with Azuth. "Do you know what the absolute fuck you're doing?". Azuth walks toward Ezreal. He composes himself and stands up to Azuth, "Do you know who you're looking at, piece of shit?" Ezreal asks. Azuth lunges forward and slices Ezreal's throat with two fingers, and a gasp from the massive crowd is heard. Ezreal starts losing blood at a fast rate. With one hand covering the wound on the side of his neck, he uses the other to strike Azuth in the face. He stands still getting punched, and tanks the following barrage of attacks by Ezreal. "We'll rise beyond you filthy Aen Vars! We've done it before!", he screams at Azuth. Ezreal eventually passes out from blood loss, and Azuth, unscathed, calls forth Rondo. "Be more cautious of your people from now on", he says. Rondo nods, and Azuth takes an unconscious Ezreal somewhere else to treat him himself, to later put him in custody within a jail cell.

The crowd in Memorial Park disperses, most of which going back to their homes. With no remains to bury the victimized merchant with, Rondo prays for his soul, Jeon scoffing at it as he does so. He cleans up the mess with a magical spell and turns to Jeon. "What now, after that?", she asks. "We will inform Zeralt when he comes back. For now, you must go back to Portal Plains, Ezekiel awaits you.", Rondo tells her. Jeon complies, and walks off. Rondo heads back to Aardibad, his hometown where the Kaiho Castle is located, and fills in the Aen Genus Council with information of what went down in Spurn City.

After some time passes, Jeon arrives at the Portal Plains, a large, grassy environment littered with portals. Sitting on the Throne of Stone, as he calls it, is Ezekiel sleeping, dozed off in the wait for Jeon.


Ezekiel's absurdly powerful snot bubble goes in and out of his nose as he sleeps, Jeon trying her best not to burst out into laughter. She waits a few more hours, to the point of midnight where Ezekiel finally awakens from his wet dreams. He opens his eyes, vision blurry. Jeon herself had waited herself to sleep, and Ezekiel slowly crawls up off of his throne. Embarrassingly enough, the dreadlocked Aen Var finds himself an erection, caused by the extraordinary events his brain materialised whilst in his sleep. "Aahh..", Ezekiel frustratedly grunts. It goes away eventually, and Ezekiel approaches the sleeping Jeon, and sits in front of her. He waits for Jeon to wake up, though by morning he has dozed off again. Jeon now wakes up, and sees Ezekiel with another erection. She is shocked, and slaps Ezekiel across the face with enough force to crack a planet.

"Stupid pervert!", Jeon screams at Ezekiel. He is immediately woken up, with no clue of what just happened. He sees Jeon finally up and about, and rushes to her. "I have been waiting a long time, Jeon! What took you so long?", Ezekiel excitedly asks, his "magical staff" pushing against Jeon's leg. She kicks Ezekiel's crotch with force that would destroy two planets, nearly crushing his "two planets". Ezekiel falls to the ground in pain, the perverse phenomenon between his legs immediately ending. Jeon stands there, her temper as red as her hair while Ezekiel's tears feed the grass he rolls around in pain on. Ezekiel finally has the pain pass away, and stands up dusting himself off. "Take me to the Seok Village, now.", Jeon demands him. Ezekiel, the Portal Plains travel guard, follows her demand and guides her to the innermost part of the plains, where the portals will take her to the farthest of places. Jeon thanks Ezekiel for his cooperation, and enters the portal, travelling to Seok Town, a small town inhabited by the richest farmers, and the poorest ones at its outskirts. Here, Jeon looks for Giannis, an Aen Genus artist, painter, and book writer among many other things.

She finds Giannis at a high-end bar, reciting his poems for the mostly drunk audience. She sits down at a table, watching him. Giannis' charm strikes Jeon, as she gets stuck in a staredown with him while he performs a romantic song. Jeon gets so caught up with Giannis she doesn't realize the crowd is now actually booing him. A drunk man grabs his giant axe and lunges at Giannis, swinging it down on him. He easily dodges, the weapon breaking through the elevated wooden stage and getting stuck on the floor. All the men team up on Giannis, each holding their weapons. They all charge at him, though bulldozes his way through them, quickly giving Jeon a red rose, and running back to subdue the drunk men, knocking them out instantly. The ladies, amazed by Giannis, all swarm around him. Jeon blushes in the background, as suddenly one of the drunken men awake from being knocked out, blabbering, "I'm not dealing with this pussy feline motherfucking fucking fuckity fuck of the motherfucking bitch!", he screams, and turns into his dragon form. The blue and white dragon completely destroys the bar and also damaging the other buildings around it. He breathes down fire at Giannis, putting many others in harm's way. He shields them with his own body, his perfect white coat now charred and ruined. Giannis quickly tries to deal with the situation, firing blasts from his hand at the out-of-control Aen Var. Giannis succeeds in stopping the outrage, though has apparently used excessive force. The Aen Var had no pulse when his family came, his two daughters and his wife, their faces immediately drowning in tears after they see what had happened. Giannis himself is in shock, and attempts to apologize to the family of poor farmers, but fails, as the wife can only mourn her husband's sudden death. "He didn't have to go like this!", she screams in great sorrow. "He didn't, he didn't, you bastard!", she repeats at Giannis. Other townfolk help the mourning family to assemble a funeral for the fallen man. Giannis leaves the location in shame and guilt, the Aen Var people would not look at him the same way ever again.

18 months later...

The tensions have risen. Conversations have been at large, hundreds more occurences of supposed inequality, of unfair treatment and overall conflict with each other, the Aen Vars and Aen Genus at most have luckily only waged a verbal war, although a major civil war could break out at any moment. Amidst the threat of instability, Azuth was married to Zali, a beautiful white-haired sorceress, already 8 months pregnant. And Zeralt formed a family with Jeon and one son.

The Aen Genus Council at Kaiho Castle have been arguing for well over a year now, some actually in favor of taking Planet Spurn for themselves, considering that they are far stronger as a whole than the Aen Vars. Meanwhile, Azuth offers to bring back the stability of their two races, wishing not for them to be divided, but to live with one another like they have been for over a hundred years at that point. With things going bad, the situation hitting rock bottom and no other choice,

Azuth and the Aen Vars shall fight back.

Part III: Evil Realized, Purity Dissipates

He rounds up his best men, two of which are Zeralt and Ezekiel, in a chamber deep underground below the Spurn People's Palace. Azuth leaves them in there for safety until further notice. While he sends massive hordes of Aen Vars to different parts of Spurn City in preparation for defense, an Aen Genus bombs his way through multiple walls into the main courtyard in the middle of the palace. It is Ezreal, and Azuth is taken by surprise. The other Aen Vars back away, as Ezreal slowly walks forward to Azuth. "Thought you were gonna lock me away forever did you? Did you?! No, Azuth, it doesn't work like that anymore.", Ezreal does a powerful spinning kick to his face, sending Azuth flying into his golden statue, completely shattering it. 

Meanwhile, outside in Spurn City, the Aen Genus are easily running the metro over with their superior power. Azuth recovers, pulling himself out of the remains of his statue, breathing heavily. Ezreal is quick to act, rushing at Azuth before he makes a move and drives his hands into his chest, sending Azuth far into the sky. In pain, he doesn't move, and before hitting the ground gets an uppercut to the back from Ezreal. Azuth coughs out some blood, and is kicked into some rubble. As Ezreal attempts to charge a blast to finish Azuth, Zeralt comes in slicing Ezreal's waist with his sword, and Ezekiel attacks him from behind, restricting his movement using energy-binding chains. "You okay, Azuth?", Zeralt helps him up. "He didn't make a scratch.", Azuth replies. Ezreal falls to the ground trying to resist Ezekiel's chains, still fighting to break free. Ezekiel motivates Azuth to kill him, "Put a hitter on him, man! Right between the eyes, kaboom!", he does a blowing up gesture. Azuth looks deep into Ezreal's eyes, and through a magical spell, makes him go through the feeling of being killed millions of times over and over again. The pain, although not stopping, still doesn't stop Ezreal form persisting to break loose. "I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you!!", Ezreal repeats numerous times to Azuth, followed by a maniac's laugh. "Just do it!", Ezekiel yells, as he begins to struggle keeping Ezreal subdued. "No...", Azuth whispers. "We'll just take something valuable from him!", Azuth then brutally mutilates Ezreal's right arm off, and stuffs the bleeding end of his arm into his mouth, making him drink his own blood. Ezreal almost drowns in blood, but with what little mercy Azuth had, was saved by his healing spell. He is kept in chains by Ezekiel, weak with no energy and no capability to fight.

Azuth and Zeralt quickly go up the People's Palace to check if Zali and Jeon are okay, and they find the two held hostage by Rondo. He has his reaper on Jeon's neck, and a hand on Zali's breast. She cries, calling to Azuth for help, but is threatened by Rondo that if he or Azuth make another move he'd kill them both. "Drop your weapon, White Wolf!", Rondo sceams at Zeralt. He slowly puts down his sword on the floor and puts his hands up. "Rondo, why are you doing this? This? This is not you!", Azuth tells him. "Not me? What do you know about me?! You're the filth that pollutes this planet!", Rondo points at Azuth. "You're nothing but a spec of dust to me! I rule this place! I do! Do you think your people can kill my wife, and get away with it?! Boy, you're wrong! You're all wrong... soon, you'll be gone, gone forever! I'm gonna make this world the way it's supposed to be and-", Rondo is suddenly grabbed by the neck from behind through a window by Ezekiel's chains. Although while he gets pinned to the wall, he accidentally cuts deep into Jeon's throat with his scythe, as Jeon's blood starts spewing all over the small room. Zeralt is in complete shock, and when he realizes what just happened, he immediately rushes to Jeon, catching her falling body. "No, no, no, no, nooo!!!", he tries to cover up her massive wound, but the blood only keeps coming out. "Azuth, do something!". Azuth is distracted from threatening to kill Rondo, while Zeralt desperately tries to scream at him for help. Zali pulls him away and puts him back into his senses with a kiss. Azuth sees Jeon is bleeding, and tries to heal her with his most powerful healing spell, "Bu'kan Revinis Bu'kan!", he attempts to save Jeon. "It's okay, baby, look at me. Look at me, baby, you're gonna be fine, you're gonna get through this, okay?", Zeralt, while uncontrollably crying, comforts Jeon. Her eyes losing life, and her blood on Zeralt's hands, Jeon passes away in Zeralt's embrace. "It's okay... you're gonna be okay, everything will be fine... Jeon, you're still alive, hold on to me... please.". Azuth stands there in disappointment, and deep sorrow. "People have to die, Zeralt! She was a weakling anyway, you should have known she was going to slip away!", Rondo tells Zeralt. "No...", Zeralt stands up, and picks up his sword, painting the blade with Jeon's blood. "You have to die!". Zeralt sends Rondo flying through the stone wall with a powerful kiai, and jumps off from the room, dropping down to the ground with Rondo. He painfully hits the floor so hard, the ground cracks and he bounces up a few feet, as Zeralt impales his heart with his sword. Rondo, impaled, slowly slides down the long blade and back into the ground, left gasping for air. "Do you think that feels like anything close to what I feel right now?", he asks. Rondo cannot reply, as his mouth starts flooding with blood. "No, it isn't." Zeralt pulls his sword out of his chest and slices Rondo's head off.

"Dad?", Rajon, just arriving at the palace, sees his father get murdered by Zeralt. Tears run down his eyes, and is ready to kill. Rajon completely breaks down, and a deafening ripping sound is heard all around the battlefield that is Spurn City. The ground within 5 miles collapses, as a bright beam of light shoots upwards, and back down into Rajon. The Aen Genus heir, with absolutely no control over himself, is reverted into his lion form, and his mouth opens absurdly wide with a massive ball of energy charging in it. Demonic screams are heard from Rajon, as Azuth, Zeralt and Ezekiel stare in horror, Rondo's severed head rolling off of a deep hole in the ground. Azuth casts the Barrius Maximum spell, forming a barrier around them that would disintegrate whatever attack Rajon is about to fire. Rajon's energy is felt all around Spurn, and it starts to leak from his body. Multi-colored goo spews out from his mouth, which is his energy. The ball charged in his mouth turns a blood red, and he fires it straight at Azuth. The blast comes in contact with the barrier, and challenges it with its unbelievable power backed up by Rajon's rage. The energy is potent enough to easily kill in an instant, and it actually breaks through Azuth's most durable barrier. Rajon's blast quickly goes at Azuth, and it hits.

A large explosion occurs, and smoke caused by the blast causes zero visibility in the area. Once the smoke clears out, something was off. There was a massive hole in the ground just as big as the blast, the hole goes through the entire planet of Spurn, and Azuth was mostly undamaged.

Ezekiel stood there, in front of Azuth, breathing heavily. He mustered all of his strength into one arm and knocked the blast out of harm's way. The opposing force of the blast against his hand was so great, Ezekiel's left arm flew right off. His knees weak, body is heavy, has blood on his cloak already. Mom's spaghetti. Ezekiel falls unconscious, and so does Rajon, as his body had been pushed to the absolute limit. "That's fucking called karma, bitch!", Ezreal screams at him a few feet away, still jailed in Ezekiel's chains. Nearly every inch of Spurn City is submerged in rocks and rubble from Rajon's destruction, panic had struck and Azuth had no choice to leave or else they would have gone down with the city. Azuth puts the weakened Ezekiel on Zeralt's shoulders, "fly off to Ygniicus, I'll follow!". Zeralt stutters, "But what about you?". The entire land mass of Spurn City is falling apart, with little time left for anybody to save their own lives. "Take Ezreal with you.", Azuth tells him. "You must be crazy!". He replies, "Just trust me right now, or we'll all die.". Zeralt frustratedly grunts, and knocks out Ezreal for him not to resist, and takes him. Turning to his dragon form, Zeralt flies off far away from Spurn City while under attack by the Aen Genus, Zali jumps out the window as he passes by and lands on the dragon's back.

Azuth walks out of the palace, and sees his people left and right being murdered by the Aen Genus. "I won't let you take my world from me", as he transforms.

Azuth 947

Azuth attacks. He rampages against the foe, bulldozing anything he went through dusting off any damage dealt to him by the Aen Genus invaders. The four-armed dragon with a flaming mane catches the attention of remaining Aen Vars, who all turn to their dragon forms to assist Azuth. The skies above the ruined city become littered with bravery, loyalty and dragons. Azuth destroys massive pieces of land in single hits, and disintegrates enemies with his fire. The Aen Vars fight to the very end with the Aen Genus, and with credit due to Azuth, fend off what was only their first big attack. Numerous parts all around Spurn had already been conquered at this point, if not in the process of being taken by the Aen Genus. Azuth lands on a big rock formation, clawing his hands in to hold on. "I'm not in charge anymore, nor is Zeralt. I wish not to tell you what to do from now on after what I'm about to say. But I shall command you here one last time. Destroy the Aen Genus, and protect Planet Spurn!", Azuth motivates his fellow Aen Vars. They all roar in agreement and vengeance, as groups scatter to defend differing locations of Planet Spurn.

Azuth, now in his normal state again, goes to the ruined palace in search of Rajon. He finds what he seeks for, the boy still unconscious, trapped under layers and layers of debris. Azuth pulls him out, and starts performing a ritual. He gathers the blood from Ezreal and Ezekiel on the ground and drinks it. He puts his hand on Rajon's chest, and his palm glows with energy. "You shall no longer be a threat to anyone from this point on". Azuth sucks away all of his energy and makes it his own, rendering Rajon basically powerless. Rajon is also robbed of his lion form and his memory. Azuth, as a part of a ritual, turns him into a white dove, free of any intimidation and wish for violence. "Take care, Rajon... I had seen you as a great heir for Spurn all of this.", his final words to him. Azuth then musters up great throwing strength, throwing the dove completely out of Spurn, and likely into some unknown planet far, far away.

Although having told Zeralt to go to Ygniicus, Azuth heads straight to Aardibad, where it was sure to have been the Aen Genus' absolute priority to defend. Aardibad was in complete lockdown, nobody was to go out nor get in, shrouded by a massive barrier help up by Aen Genus monks. Azuth approaches the barrier and is quickly halted by hundreds of Aen Genus warriors stationed on the city wall. "Stop! This is as far as you'll go, fire-breather!", one of them says. "Surrender now or we'll kill you to death until you die". Azuth stands still, focusing his sight on what lies beyond the barrier, seeing Giannis enter the Kaiho Castle. The Aen Genus gave Azuth until to the count of three to surrender himself, but still doesn't waver. Hundreds of powerful Aen Genus unleash their wrath on Azuth, firing through the barrier and tearing up the land, the onslaught drags on for several minutes. "Did we get him?", one warrior asks. "No way he could've survived that, he's just a puny Aen Var.", another says. Their attacks turn out futile, as Azuth walks even closer to the barrier. A sense of incredible fear is struck into the Aen Genus. "My turn". Azuth suddenly breaks through the barrier with terrifying ease, combining his Agored Tearigane and Ignis Dragotum spells into one sequence, creating a gargantuan beam of flames capable of tearing a hole in the barrier they had made, and killing the warriors on the wall along with hundreds more of others inside the city. The city of Aardibad is immediately alarmed with the breach of their barrier. In the Kaiho Castle, Giannis is being told by lead city architect Gareth Grump, "I'm telling you, we need to build a wall!". Giannis replies, "You already did". They hear the noise caused by Azuth's mayhem, and see from a window that the city walls have been desintigrated. "We need to make another one.", Hershel says. Giannis steams up with anger, and watches the Aen Var tear through the Aen Genus forces. Azuth reaches the entrance to Kaiho Castle, "Giannis, come forth!", he shouts. Giannis apears out from the castle gates, and stares down Azuth. "What do you intend to do now? Considering you are such a good person, you would..", Azuth is interrupted. "Good? Good?! Is that what people, your filthy race, see me? Whatever person you thought me to be, that's all gone. This. is the only way. I'm gonna make Spurn great again!", Giannis tells Azuth. The still hundreds of soldiers remaining in the city cheer in agreement. Giannis continues, "From now on, I am the leader of the Aen Genus, and none shall stop me, not even you, Azuth!". Azuth unexpectedly lunges at Giannis, slashing his throat open. "Shut up". Giannis falls to the ground, the people of Aardibad watching in shock. Gareth quickly takes Giannis back into the castle, as nearly a thousand Aen Genus warriors swarm around and attack Azuth.

He takes them all on with ease, the whole sequence of defeating these fighters only taking mere seconds. Azuth, now growing impatient, bangs on the castle gates. He repeats the knocking over and over until they'd bring Giannis' body out. "Little pig, little pig!", he knocks again. "Let. Me. In!", knocking so hard he busts open the gigantic metal door. He sees Giannis, fully alive although weak, being treated by Gareth and other Aen Genus. "Tough piece of shit..", he murmurs. Giannis smirks, and locks his eyes onto Azuth's. Giannis holds his neck, still feeling the pain. "I bet you miss her right now.", he tells Azuth. He takes a second to process Giannis' words, but shortly after holds his hand towards him. Azuth tells Giannis, "You won't be missing me". He charges a powerful blast to kill Giannis and take the rest of the castle down with him. Before Azuth fires, he hears a voice. "Azuth". He is startled, the expression of panic immediately on his face. "Do you still remember me?", the voice questions him. Azuth tries to cover his ears as tightly as he could, yet the voice enters his mind. the voice continues, "Do you remember me... big brother?". Azuth visions his younger sister standing on the staircase in the room. He screams loudly, seeming to be going completely insane. "Get out of my head!! You're not real, you're not real!". He falls to his knees, scratching his face from confusion, anger and panic. "Don't push me away like you always did, isn't that why I..", "Stop!", Azuth grunts. "You're killing me!!". Giannis again smirks, and recovers enough to stand up on his feet. "Gareth, take the whole population out of the city with you, or what's left of it". He flies out of the wall, quickly evacuating from Aardibad. Gareth follows his orders, and guides remaining Aen Genus survivors out of the city, although he himself stays. Gareth approaches Azuth, who is losing his sanity from the visions. He tries reaching out, but Azuth sees him, hallucinating Gareth as his sister, and pushing him away sending him flying into the wall. He slowly runs at Gareth, "You had to pay the bill!", pushing him lightly, although sending him deep into the wall. Azuth continues to break down, sobbing and throwing tantrums all over the place. "I knew you, who you were. But everything that you were, that's all gone. What I did, all I did was for to help! I used to listen to you every day, telling me that I was always wrong, but the one time you called me right...", Azuth remembers something.

Athez, accompanied by Azuth in the woods, shouts at Ezreal. "Hey baldie!", followed by an insulting laugh. The Aen Genus was quickly enraged, his short temper at the brink of exploding. Athez continues, "Yeah, that's right! You're weak, and that's why Rondo hates your ass, cause you're weak!". Ezreal's humanity falls off a deep cliff, and he charges at Athez. Azuth calmy tells her, "You should get out of his way", not even viewing the tall, intimidating warrior to be a threat. "Nah, you're wrong, like always.", she replies. And then, having underestimated Ezreal, he drived his fist straight through Athez's stomach, displaying how brutal Ezreal could be. He slides Azuth's sister up and down his arm, taunting Azuth, who is left in shock. He suddenly bursts into absolute anguish and anger, leveling a large part of the forest, knocking down Ezreal. Azuth had transformed into a Fire Demon, something never seen before, a power he never tapped into. Ezreal, now the one shocked, cowers away in fear. Azuth fails to maintain the mysterious state for long, and returns to normal. Athez lays on the destroyed ground, quickly dying from her injuries. Azuth stands away looking at her, still in shock, and actually shedding a tear. "Hey brother..", Athez coughs up blood trying to speak. "You..", she is short of breath, "You were right this time, I should've listened to you". Azuth runs away from the ugly site, in denial of what had happened, leaving his sister in pain, and dying.

Back in the real world, Gareth pulls himself out of the wall. He says to Azuth, "You're not my enemy. But I'm not your friend either. I know that you're a good man". Azuth impales Gareth with his bare fist in the exact same way Ezreal did to his sister. "What do you know?", he asks him. Gareth's mouth immediately gets flooded with his blood. Azuth tears Gareth's jaw off, him screaming in agony as he is ripped apart by Azuth. His rage goes even further, uncontrollably letting out waves of energy in consecutively, powerful enough to destroy the emptied out Aardibad, taking down the massive city with his anger. Giannis, watching from a far away location, witnesses the destruction which was beautiful to his eyes, and walks off into the unknown. Azuth stands alone within the remains of Aardibad that were rocks, dusts and fire, remembering his sister. He weeps for several hours by himself, then a hand touches Azuth's shoulder. "Let's go, Azuth.", Zeralt tells him, escorting his mentally weak co-leader to Ygniicus.

Meanwhile, in the lonely vacuum of space...

The Aen Genus who was to be the heir of his race, now cursed by Azuth into a dove, floats unconsciously through space. A mysterious power approaches him. "Have you lost your power? I shall grant it back to you.. and perhaps a little bit more than before". The unknown figure performs a ritual reversing Azuth's. He rockets Rajon  into a nearby planet, one with no life, although green and rich in resources, he sits there, his retained power itself will wait for thousands of years to awaken again.

Zeralt arrives in Ygniicus with the weakened Azuth, where Ezekiel's near-fatal injuries have been further treated in the city evacuation center. Ezekiel sees Azuth coming close to his bed, as he strikes the two with a smile. "Thanks to the nice lady, he retained most of his energy, which is a miracle to be completely honest.", Zeralt tells Azuth. He asks, "Who's the nice lady?". Ezekiel points to the other side of the large building, where Zali was urgently helping all other medical personel. Azuth first of all is relieved his wife is alright, and is happy to see her doing what she can. "You can get to her later. You.. or rather, we have some business to deal with." Zeralt says.

The two go to McPrisoner's, a large facility deep into the city that serves as a prison. In there, Ezreal was held in captivity. They had borrowed Ezekiel's power to create a cell actually durable enough to supress a monster like him, the Aen Genus locked away in chains like an animal. Azuth observes his animalistic behavior as he tries to break free of his captivity. "I'm gonna kill you, piece of shit! I'll kill you all, your wives, your friends! I'll start with you once I get out of this bullshit!", Ezreal shouts at Azuth. Zeralt asks, "Azuth, how can you not dispatch someone like this? You killed all of the Aen Genus at Aardibad, why not Ezreal?". He replies, "He can be an asset to us. Put him into a trance of some sort and-", his statement is cut short as Ezreal charges at him, trying to grab him and yelling, "I'm not your pet! I'll crush you like I did with your puny sister!". Azuth is clearly disturbed by his words, although puts it aside. He orders Zeralt, "Meet me at the Center Circle in the middle of the city, arrange a meeting with Mayor Odell, we must devise a plan". "For what?", he questions him. Azuth says, "We attack Loz Furantur in two days, until then, get some rest, make a death wish, and prepare to put your lives at risk."

Later that night, a meeting is held at the Center Circle of Ygniicus, a large meeting location which can only be accessed by going through a maze. Meeting at the Center Circle was Azuth, Zeralt, Mayor Odell with his bodygaurd Kajestir, and Ezekiel. They all sit down to discuss a battle plan on Loz Furantur, the fourth main planet city, which Azuth assumes has already been overtaken, considering their lack of battle experience and resources the Aen Genus would have surely went for. "Now that we're all here, it must be clear to all of you that we shall make a push for the fourth city?". Odell asks, "Why don't you take the Aen Genus there by yourself? I heard that you took down Aardibad singlehandedly". Azuth hesitates to answer, but continues, "I.. I've exhausted a large chunk of my power, and I will not be able to tap into it for a while. That is why I will need forces from Ygniicus here to retake Loz Furantur.", he says. Nobody says their piece for a few seconds, Azuth follows up his statement. "And sadly, I believe we only have a slim chance to actually be successful in such an attack". Zeralt raises his eyebrow, questioning Azuth's sudden lack of confidence. "You believe they awakened Larfen, don't you?", Odell asks. Azuth nods, fearing the return of Larfen, an Aen Var who had been permanently incapacitated and put away within Loz Furantur, and was unquestionably as powerful as Azuth or any other of his race at the time. Ezekiel suddenly squeezes into the conversation, "We could recruit Alaster.", he says. "You're crazy!", Zeralt replies to him. Ezekiel attempts to justify his suggestion, "His land is only 178 miles from Ygniicus, we could at least try. If there's a really powerful Aen Var not named Ezekiel, Zeralt or Azuth, his name would be Alaster". Azuth shakes his head, refusing the idea of bringing Alaster, a Grand Aen Var Dragon, with them in the attack. "What's stopping you from at least trying, Azuth? The fate of Spurn could just lie in him helping us". Azuth contemplates Ezekiel's words, and asks, "Who would even go? He shuts himself away from everything, that's why he has 5,000 miles of uninhibited land all for himself, he won't go with us". "Like I said, it wouldn't hurt to try.", Ezekiel tells him. "Okay, I'll go, by myself.", though Zeralt says no. "You stay back here, you have the most powerful healing magic around here other than Zali, me and Ezekiel will go, the two of us". "Three.", Kajestir suddenly says. Odell is surprised. "Wthat? You can't do that!". Kajestir replies after smiling, "This is what I want to do. Fear not, you will all be under the protection of Azuth while we're gone". Odell gives in and agrees to his wishes, and Zeralt accepts Kajestir, forming a three-man team to attempt recruiting the lone wolf Alaster to assist in the attack on Loz Furantur.

Part IV: In the Lonely Desert

The newly-formed group heads east of Ygniicus, towards the land solely claimed by Alaster, called The Haunted Desert, earning its name from the deaths of whoever tried to trespass. On the way, Ezekiel decides to start conversation. "So what is your purpose in Ygniicus?", he asks Kajestir. "I am the protector of the city. 97 years of service and I've kept the people safe. Before Larfen went berserk due to the passing of his sister, we'd take turns in watching over the area to make sure things were safe. Since then, he was never the same and jailed for the better of everybody else. That is why I've volunteered to go with you, he was my friend, he isn't anymore but I'm gonna bring him back". Ezekiel admires his purpose. "What a nice yaoi story.", Zeralt says. Kajestir replies, "Shut the fuck up, we are approaching the desert". They encounter a vast desert, with no signs of life, thousands of tall rock formations and a constant light sandstorm. They cautiously step foot onto Alaster's territory, as they cover their eyes from the persistent sandstorm, their vision slightly compromised. They search for the lone Aen Var, reaching a location with a large number of rock ledges. The three of them all feel an extremely hot feeling all over their bodies. "What is this?", Ezekiel suddenly speaks as he gains a severe burning feeling in his chest. "Who dares come to my land?", a voice asks. The sandstorm intensifies, and there is almost zero visibility. They look towards the direction the voice came from, faintly seeing a big flickering flame. Ezekiel, Zeralt and Kajestir are completely blinded by the sandstorm, though it clears out completely after a few seconds. They look up again, meeting Alaster, ready to dispose of the trespassers.


Zeralt attempts to negotiate, "Alaster! I'm sure you recognize me, don't you?". They share an intense stare, though no words are heard from Alaster. He rains down flaming comets from the sandy skies onto the group, as they take cover behind rocks. Alaster's spell breaks through their protection, as they get barraged and damaged by hundreds of the boulder-sized comets. The disturbance on the ground causes dust and sand to go up in the air, combined with smoke suffocating Zeralt, Ezekiel and Kajestir. Kajestir grabs the other two and pulls them out of the cloud, he drops them and looks back up to the rock ledge, where Alaster was no longer present. He senses a disturbance in the air, and quickly pulls out his sword, turning around and swings it upward, parrying Alaster's own blade. They engage in a struggle, Kajestir putting his all into blocking Alaster's superior weapon. "Ronae Dragotum", Alaster whispers. A concentrated beam of fire emits from his right eye, which is sure to piece through Kajestir's skull and burn his head into ashes. It is unexpected, although Zeralt uses Aard to deflect it away from him. The spell was cast inaccurately, also blowing away Kajestir. Ezekiel stands up. "Throw me, Zeke". He nods, and materializes his chains. Ezekiel wraps Zeralt and launches him into the air at extremely fast speeds, also spinning like a top. Ezekiel then rushes Alaster, attempting to strike Alaster with his fist. Alaster throws his sword straight up, crossing Zeralt's path in the air and dodges Ezekiel, letting him pass through him as he misses. Zeralt weaves past the sword, drilling a spinning kick into Alaster's spine. Kajestir runs in to sweep kick the falling Alaster, making his whole front side face towards the ground. Ezekiel lands from the miss, and knees Alaster in the stomach hard. He disappears suddenly. His voice is finally heard again, "What is your purpose to have come here?", he asks. Zeralt replies, "We've come to ask for your help. You probably don't know already, but we've engaged in a war with the Aen Genus". "We?!", Alaster yells. He comes out of the sandstorm, casting Confringo, creating a tall ring of fire around them. He lands between all three of them, using Aard next to push them into the wall of flames. Zeralt recovers catapulting himself over it, Ezekiel wraps himself around his chains to pass through unharmed and Kajestir lands outside only with his fireproof cloak slightly charred. The firewall reverses direction, penetrating the ground causing a tremble in the earth. Thrown off, Ezekiel stumbles forward, where Alaster's upward-swinging sword nearly collides with his chin, although he tilts his head and attempts a straight kick at Alaster's chest. He dodges and brings karma, straight kicking Ezekiel away back to the other two.

"Leave. Now!"

He walks fast toward them. Zeralt once again tries to control the situation, "Alaster, it doesn't have to be like this! You can just come..", he is interrupted. Alaster pushes him with great strength through numerous rock formations far away. Next, he immediately grabs Ezekiel by the neck slamming him hard into the ground and slamming his foot on Ezekiel's stomach. Alaster jumps off Ezekiel with great force, sending him deeper into the ground as he launches into the air where his sword has been stuck floating. Using Aard to propel himself toward Kajestir, Alaster swings his heavy sword, gaining more momentum. Kajestir prepares to dodge, knowing his sword is inferior. He notices Alaster is moving slow enough for him to think of a counter. Alaster yells and closes in and unleashes a full-power swing down upon him. Kajestir begins to put his right leg up in a high kick motion, and uses Inkri Momentum, forcingly making Alaster faster. Before he can complete the swing of his sword, Alaster is kicked on the side, letting go of his weapon from shock. Damage caused is incredibly high and Alaster coughs up blood. He falls to the ground, recovering quickly back onto his feet and huffing, holding his side in pain. "I do not wish to hurt you any further. Please, co-operate", Kajestir says. "That's a shame". Alaster teleports in front of him, barraging with countless combinations of strikes. Kajestir manages to block most, but struggles to find a way to escape the nonstop onslaught. His guard is eventually broken through, as Alaster begins to beat down Kajestir. Zeralt comes back from being sent away earlier, but is stopped from helping by Ezekiel. "What are you doing? He's being killed!". "He's taking it like a champ. We must look for an opening, and when we see one, I wrap him up and you knock him out". Zeralt goes with the plan, although struggles to hold in his urges, as he grunts in frustration.  Kajestir continues to take on Alaster, finally spotting a slow move by Alaster, using the short interval to his best ability, ducking over his punch and weaving away from in front of Alaster. He slams his two hands into Alaster's back and kicks him towards Zeralt and Ezekiel. "Now!" Ezekiel materializes chains in both of his hands, as Zeralt bulldozes over Alaster. Kajestir runs closer, jumping and rolling over Zeralt. Before Alaster can hit the ground, Ezekiel throws his chains over, wrapping around Alaster's neck and also beginning to sap his energy. Zeralt turns around using Aard to blow Kajestir straight into Alaster, punching him in the face. Ezekiel, now with Alaster in his chains' grasp pulls him closer and quickly envelops him in his monster-subduing chains. Zeralt runs fast, roundhouse kicking Alaster across the jaw, knocking him out for a few hours. "That's for trying to kill me". Ezekiel says, "You mean us."

Kajestir puts Alaster into a containment bubble, as him, Zeralt and Ezekiel take the long road walk back to Ygniicus, having defeated Alaster through impressive team work despite it being their first attempt at fighting as a group together. Alaster's sword was left in the desert, pierced into the ground.

Part V: Game Plan

They make it back to Ygniicus at midnight, as their first thing to do was temporarily contain Alaster in a cell similar to Ezreal's, reinforced by Ezekiel's chains. The three now separate for the night. Ezekiel meets Azuth at the evacuation center, telling him the mission was successful, although they had to force Alaster to Ygniicus. "Good job, nonetheless.", he compliments Ezekiel, "Get some rest, I know it was a hard fight". Ezekiel returns to his bed in the large evacuation center, which is overcrowded with Ygniicus' 138,000 people. Azuth continues to tend to those are who still wounded, and Zeralt wanders off to an empty bar near the Mayor's House. There, he opens the door to a fire exit where he meets Zali, smoking a homemade cigar. She puffs smoke out of her mouth. "Long night?", she asks. "Yeah". He leans onto the wall next to her. "We got Alaster back, put him in a cell. You know, I..", "Don't care, never will", Zali says. Zeralt smirks, looking at her. Zali laughs at his stare, trying to look away. "I only went away for half a day and you're gonna ignore me?". Zali replies, "I was there for you earlier cause you lost your damn wife. Your son died in Spurn City, and all you're thinking about is getting in my vagina so you can have fun?". "I wouldn't mind".

Zeralt and Zali engage in an affair, Azuth not having a clue about it. The two let the rest of the moon pass by until the sun rises. Tomorrow has come, and they all have one more day to prepare for the assault planned against Loz Furantur.

Early in the morning, Ezekiel opens his eyes. He refuses to get up at first, although finds energy to sit up. He rubs his eyes, noticing something strange. No one was in the evacuation center anymore. Confused, Ezekiel looks around. There was still nobody. A familiar voice is suddenly heard from behind. "Look behind you, Zeke". He turns his head, seeing Azuth. "It's time.", he says. Ezekiel is still clueless, "We still have a day to prepare, though". "No..", Azuth whisphers. "Everything.. is gone!", he yells. Everything around Ezekiel turns into a fiery explosion, as he envisions Azuth, Zeralt and all sorts of other people. Jeon appears, shedding tears of blood and her eyes completely black. An image of Zeralt appears screaming, "Ezekiel! Ezekiel!".

Ezekiel wakes up from his nightmare, being woken up by Zeralt. "Ezekiel!", he screams at him to wake up the heavy sleeper. Ezekiel is furthermore confused, W.. what? What happened?". Zeralt says, "We must meet back at the Center Circle, Azuth awaits us. Loz Furantur is tomorrow". Ezekiel realizes his mind is now in reality again, "Oh, yeah. Sure". He puts on his robe, and while walking out, observes the evacuation center still crowded with people.

The two go through the maze connecting the city to the Center Circle, and after a few hours of dead ends reach the location. There, they meet Azuth, Odell, Kajestir and Ygnii Exercitus, the city's main army force. Exercitus is roughly 75,000 men strong, and are considered by Odell to be the only warriors who can possibly defend his city aside from Kajestir himself. "Welcome again, Zeralt, Ezekiel", Odell greets them. They bow to show respect, as the Ygniicus army surrounds the area blocking any entrances. Azuth initiates the conversation. "Shall we start?". All nod, as they discuss a battle plan. "I've devised a plan overnight, it will help us seize Loz Furantur far easier than breaking straight in". "Let's hear it", Zeralt eager to know. "We're going to use Exercitus as the protagonist in this big, bloody show. Loz Furantur's defenses are usually rather weak despite what resources it holds, but that's why the Aen Genus have surely succeeded in taking the city. They've probably set up tough defenses. A powerful barrier, walls of men to keep watch of every square meter surrounding the area.". "Then how are we supposed to approach the city?", Odell asks. "They're gonna let us right in.. or just me, rather". Everyone in the discussion is surprised. "How?", Ezekiel follows up. "I'll surrender myself, then Exercitus comes out to start the show. That's the intro". "And the rest? How will the others play in as factors?", Odell questions him. "Zeralt and Ezekiel seem to team up with Kajestir well, so they'll come from the opposite side, while Exercitus attacks the front, they assasinate the rear. I know you're about to ask, what am I gonna do? I, myself, will most likely be handcuffed, easy enough to break out of. Then sent to the Mirabile Palace, where Giannis should be. When the commotion is caused, we'll all catch them off guard, and I'll kill Giannis, absorb his power and clean up the rest of the Aen Genus". Odell then steps in to ask, "And what if they really have awakened Larfen?". Azuth is silenced for a few seconds. "Let's hope they didn't. We shall take Alaster in his containment cell until we get there. I've already began the first few stages of putting him under a trance, it's not easy to control such a being like Alaster". Everyone agrees to Azuth's plan, as Odell stays in Ygniicus to protect the city himself from what could come while they are gone.

Azuth, Zeralt, Ezekiel, Kajestir and Ygnii Exercitus journey to Loz Furantur on foot in order to hide from aerial security in the city. The beautiful city of Loz Furantur is hidden in an invisiblity field, only being able to be physically seen by the naked eye when in extremely close proximity. Azuth goes in, ready to surrender himself. He assumes Aen Genus are waiting for him to arrive at the gates in order for them to halt Azuth. He looks straight at the golden gates of the city, and prepares. He waits for a few seconds. He gets impatient. "Hello?"

Nobody answered.

Part VI: Awaken, Monster

Azuth stood there, clueless. He grows anxious and pushes down the city gates. The whole city was black and grey, several buildings in the process of burning down if not already destroyed. The rest of the attack force far outside is idle, waiting for the signal which was supposed to be a shining light from the gates.

Azuth searches every inch of Loz Furantur, searching for any sign of life and finds none. He breaks down, realizing the Aen Genus have taken every resource from the city possible and are no longer there. He runs back out in a hurry and screams, "Get back to Ygniicus! Hurry! The Aen Genus are... !!!"

Larfen 83

The Awakened Monster, Larfen suddenly strikes Azuth from behind, sending him back far away. Total shock strikes everyone as Larfen is seen for the first time in a few hundred years. Azuth stands back up and turns around, realizing exactly what had hit him, and fear is struck into his eyes. Larfen roars like a dragon, releasing huge amounts of fire from his lungs. His eyes are blank, glowing white. He has markings on his body which were not there before. Larfen strikes the ground, creating a destructive earthquake. Everyone is knocked off their feet, as Azuth tells the attack force, "Get out of here! I'll take of him, the Aen Genus must be attacking Odell right now!". "What about the three on the other side of the city?!", a member of Ygnii Exercitus asks. Azuth replies, "Bring them along, quickly!". Before any of the soldiers can move, Larfen obliterates more than half of them with a jet of explosive fire magic. Others manage to escape although they leave the unconscious Alaster in his containment cell. Azuth telepathically sends a message to Zeralt, Ezekiel and Kajestir to go back to Ygniicus with no explanation, although they quickly take on his commands. They fly over the city, seeing Larfen as Larfen sees them. He tries to kill them from the ground with eye lasers, although Azuth deflects it.

"I'm your opponent, Larfen. Prepare yourself."

Larfen screams again, his mouth like a flamethrower. The ground below him suddenly cracks like a mirror as he rushes Azuth at speeds he cannot comprehend, breaking his face with a furious punch and knocking him hard into the ground. It all happens in a heartbeat, as Azuth starts bleeding from his nose and mouth. Larfen stomps his face multiple times with no mercy. Azuth realizes he cannot compete with Larfen in his current state, and so resorts to a stabilized version of his Fire Demon form. His whole body becomes engulfed in hot flames.

Azuth Firedemon

Larfen ignores the transformation, hopping onto and jumping off of his chest sending Azuth deep into the ground. He launches himself in the air, as a big blast of fire magic emerges from underground. Larfen easily dodges, but Azuth reveals himself as the fake attack. Catching him by surprise, he flips him over with a leg kick and double-axe handles his face into the earth. Larfen is even further enraged, pumping his chest in anger and throwing massive boulders at Azuth. He either dodges through or melts them with ease. Azuth makes his way to his opponent, casting Crucio on Larfen. The forbidden spell is fueled by Azuth's desire to hurt the victim, and it causes great pain on Larfen's body. He screams in agony, experiencing all sorts of pain at the highest levels. Azuth grabs him by the neck with one hand and the other above his face, attempting to cast Accipere Furantur in order to drain Larfen's energy, although he finds the strength amongst pain to stop Azuth, breaking free from his grasp and striking him across the face. Larfen begins a merciless non-stop barrage targeted at Azuth's torso, using magic to deal far more damage that would eventually kill him. Azuth coughs up blood onto Larfen's face, which adds fuel to his anger. He headbutts him hard and performs an uppercut that sends the Aen Var leader high into the skies of the distressed Planet Spurn. Azuth thinks in his head, "I need to finish this immediately". Larfen stomps on the earth in his rage, screaming for Azuth. "I must annihilate him."

Azuth concentrates, leaving himself vulnerable although Larfen waits for his next move. He taps into a massive pool of energy, and begins charging a powerful spell. Fractus Dragotum. It is a swirling titanic orb of powerful fire that saps its victim's energy as it makes contact with them before subsequently exploding, dealing great damage. Larfen recognizes the spell, and prepares to counter. He casts Armis Multis, granting himself four more arms, all of which possess great raw strength. Azuth whispers..


Larfen 91

Everything in the battlefield is colored red and orange, as Azuth's attack shoots down on Larfen. He attempts to stop it by firing blasts at it with all six arms, but to no avail as it only gets stronger, as it absorbs anything weaker than it. It quickly lands onto Larfen's six arms, as he struggles, his energy being depleted quickly and the force of the orb of flames crushing him. Azuth is destroying Larfen with his own energy, as the gargantuan ball of fire explodes forwards almost seeming like a beam, and directly hitting Larfen. It penetrates through Loz Furantur's invisibility barrier turning it totally visible and also destroying its middle part. The whole battlefield is turned into a sandstorm surrounding a large crater in the earth. Particles of dust and sand swirl around smoke. Azuth exhausts his Fire Demon form, reverting back to base mid-air. Larfen's energy signature is no longer sensed, as Azuth declares the threat eliminated. He lands back on the ground, where the sandstorm still hasn't stopped. He attempts to get into contact with Zeralt, although cannot focus." Shit.. I'll just have to go straight back". Azuth jumps off of Loz Furantur's dirt into the sky, going back in Ygniicus' direction.

Azuth's leg is grabbed suddenly, the intense grip instantly breaking his bones. He doesn't feel the pain until he is slammed back into the ground. Azuth screams in painful agony, not knowing what even grabbed him. The sandstorm finally clears, as Larfen is revealed to be still alive. His appearance has slightly changed, his eyes now normal, blue-colored and full of life, a stare that would be considered friendly. Still in pain, Azuth looks at him dead in the eye. Tears of blood come out of Larfen's eyes, as they go back to a shining blank white. Azuth's sight now turns blank, only seeing black and he feels an incredible pain drilling into his stomach. The next thing he feels is himself being sent through the ground and back upwards through the hard pointy rocks that lie in the deep earth. He rockets through the ground back to the surface, where Larfen has already arrived back. Azuth begins to fall down right in front of Larfen, as he does a front flip in the air and hitting Azuth's shoulder directly with the back of his foot, breaking numerous bones and even caving in the skin and muscles in his shoulder area. Azuth lands and lies on the ground helplessly with a broken shoulder and useless right leg. Larfen slowly flies down in front of Azuth, gently putting his foot on top of his back. He applies force on it, gradually forcing it more into his spine. Azuth yells in pain, his spine fracturing almost into pieces. Larfen kicks him over to see his bloody face. Azuth slowly raises his hand aiming it at him," Nox..a..", Failing to even pronounce his Noxalii spell. Larfen grabs Azuth's wrist and steps on his head, and begins pulling on Azuth's arm to rip it off. Azuth screams helplessly, the Aen Var leader hitting rock bottom. Larfen tugs hard on it repeatedly, causing Azuth unimaginable amounts of pain. Azuth's arm is hanging on to its last paper-thin strands, as Larfen suddenly senses a massive power far behind them. In front of the woods surrounding Loz Furantur is Alaster who has been working to create a hole in his containment bubble, crawling out and rolling down the ground into sand. He lets go of Azuth's arm, his focus now targeted on Alaster. The two both stand a decent distance from each other, Alaster's expression very blank. Although Larfen recalls his previous life before captivity all of a sudden... "Alaster?".

Part VII: Dear Former Friend

Alaster looks at Larfen dead in the eyes, as they again turn normal and tears of blood come out of them. His eyes fade out slowly, his sclera now turning black. Still unable to move on the ground, Azuth yells at him, "Larfen, don't do it!", fearing great destruction to possibly come. An intense period of silence comes, as a gust of wind passes by, particles of dust gets on Larfen's eye, he closes them.

He cries many normal tears, although doesn't open his eyes. Larfen suddenly seems to be surprised of something, turning his head all over the place. He composes himself turning back to Alaster, only seeing him through senses. "Azuth.. I'm sorry". "What?!", Azuth being put into sudden shock as Larfen finally speaks. He pushes his power to higher levels, the force of the sequence causing the ground beneath to fly up into the air. A flaming red-orange aura flickers around Larfen, his six arms turning silver.

Larfen 48

"Such a shame. You were the only one that I could relate to..", Alaster murmurs before engaging against his former friend.

At the edge of a forest is a tall tree, its trunk damaged and on the verge of falling down. It eventually meets its fate, and while making the long trip down to the ground changes shape completely. A dragon coverd in overgrowth drops to the grass, with no idea of what he is or where he is.

At a few seconds old, he is attacked. Plants and all other objects are burned off of his right side. It invonluntarily releases hot flames from the top of its lungs from pain, and falls over on its side. A large berserking dragon jumps out from the shrubbery with its wings spread wide, flying at the vulnerable newborn. He tries to eat its prey by tearing through the skin, but is clawed off. He gets back onto his four feet, sharing an intense stare with the attacker. At this moment, the young beast gains his sense of survival and battle, realizing the name given to him by his influencer. Alaster squares off with another Aen Var, named Larfen.

A winner struggles to be decided, they're equally matched. Both were loners who were in attempt to survive. Both did not know the feeling of having a companion. They were put into existence to be on their own. Alaster flaunts his wings, taunting Larfen.

The two charge at each other,

They collide fists, sharing their first occassion of physical contact since a few thousand years ago. Alaster wins the struggle, emiting massive amounts of energy from his fist, blasting Larfen back into the rock formations ahead.

Azuth watches by himself helpless on the ground, "Amazing", witnessing Alaster's power. Larfen quickly recovers, teleporting beside Alaster and slamming his foot hard into his side in attempt to break whatever bones Alaster has. He catches Larfen's swinging leg, the momentum making him skid back. Alaster pulls him in closer and cleanly lands a kick to Larfen's chin quickly following up with a momentum-increasing spell on Larfen, smashing his back straight into his knee. Larfen tenses up in pain and is thrown away carelessly. "You're not as strong as I remember, Larfen... or I've just risen to levels you never reached." Larfen gets up to one knee and smashes his fist into the ground in rage and frustration. Shortly before his fist hits the earth, a slight tremor is felt, and the skies light up with a bright orange flash. Azuth witnesses the brief light and murmurs, "Odell.."

Larfen suddenly emits the loudest roar he could blow out from his lungs, putting on a show of massive jets of fire coming from his mouth. The crack-like markings on his body glow brightly in color white, as the skin on the right side of his torso burns up and turns into ashes. His exposed muscles are strained and twitching violently, Alaster suspecting that it's the same all over his body. He prepares himself for the next attack, as Larfen becomes even more fired up than before.