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Nuki is the wife of Nikad. Nuki is also the mother of Lumakai Michael. Nuki was turned into a saiyan by shenron because she wished to be a Saiyan like Nikad and her son Lumakai. Nikad also taught her some moves because she wanted to have something to defend herself other than her fist. She also got the shapeshift ability when she wished to be a saiyan (race change lol) and the shapeshift ability.

Power Waves


Galick Gun

Meeting Nikad

Nuki was walking in the streets reading "Dragon Ball Legends: Goku and the Z Warriors" then she sees Nikad walking in the streets too. She says: "Hm...Could that really be Goku?" She walks over to him. She says: "Hey Goku!" Nikad says: "Huh? I'm not Goku. I'm Nikad." Nuki says: "My name's Nuki. But you look a lot like Goku. Why?" Nikad says: It's something deep. I don't talk about it much. 

Nikad tells Nuki his secret

4 years after Nuki and Nikad met they became friends now Nikad thinks he is ready to tell Nuki his secret.

Nikad: "Okay I think I'm ready to tell you my secret now."

Nuki: "Okay so why do you always look like Goku?"

Nikad: "The reason why I always look like Goku is... because I am the clone of Goku.

Nuki: "WHOA! Can you go Super Saiyan?"

Nikad: "Sure. *Goes SSJ*