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Mezca's and Mooshi's Universal Tournament, or The Universal Tournament is a tournament between teams from Universe 7, and Universe 6 gathered by Gods of Destructions: Mezca and Mooshi and their attendants. The tournament has an unset date, and will take place on an uncharted moon in Universe 7.


  • No Killing - Killing will result in a dq, and possibly would lead to destruction if Mezca or Mooshi are upset enough.
  • No Ring Out - Getting outside the ring will result in a DQ. This rule can be overuled if agreed upon by the Gods.
  • No Outside Items, Help, or Weapons - Outside Items such as senzu beans in fight will result in a DQ, weapons a warning, and outside help a DQ.
  • Poisoning, or any dishonorable tactic - Poisoning or any dishonorable tactic deemed so by both Gods will result in DQ. 
  • Fighters will fight 2 matches, or until they lose. No fighter may fight over 2 wins.

Team Members & Positioning

Universe 6's Tournament Team

  1. Mandar
  2. Kool
  3. Elery
  4. Wasabi
  5. Cicero
  6. Calidum
  7. Ycicle
  8. Kold

Universe 7's Tournament Team