This article, Lance of Longinus, is a Role-Play article.

Lance of Longinus
The Lance of Longinus is a mysterious weapon David Vafer retrieved during his travels. It is found to be absolutely indestructible, where only beings of Omnipotence can destroy it, and it has Absolute Killing power. The only being it cannot kill is Elyus. The Lance also has Absolute Accuracy when thrown and cannot be avoided. It also has Absolute Penetration, meaning it will tear through anything and everything, regardless of Tangibility, Density, and/or any other power the user may posses. It cannot be blocked, reflected, redirected. There is no surviving the lance as it completely shreds one's existence. The only downside to the weapon is that it is large, and cumbersome; and when thrown it maintains a constant velocity, making retrieval difficult for any being.