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The Green Star Dragon Saga is a saga being done by Maroyasha.

Part 1: Trinks' Arrival

A boy from the future named Trinks arrived. He told about his future. How "Him" and his army ruled the world. Where very few fighters survived and there is no hope. Before leaving he told when they would arrive and that he would come back. Also that he is the son of Merohan.

Part 2: The Fight With "Him"

"Him" arrived and the T-Fighters went to fight him. During the fight Trinks and Nikad showed up. The T-Fighters soon started getting killed one by one, even after firing a T-Ultimate Blast. Then Nikad went SSJ3 and blasted "Him" into the sun.

Part 3: The Clone Army Appears!

The clone army appeared earlier than Trinks anticipated. Kotaz and Topazo stayed to fight them. The clones were putting up a good fight, until Kotaz and Topazo combined to form Kopazo. The clones were easily wiped out afterwards.

Part 4: Fighting The Real Army

The fight with the true army began at the same time as the clone army. The fight was extremely hard but it was won. Kotaz scarificed himself to kill one of the generals and the army. Merohan killed the last General.